Reincarnated As A Mother

Monday, October 17, 2016

Our Hospital Reward

Today was one of those days where if I let myself, I'd mow my fingernails
down to nothing.
We had Kean's cancer screenings.
And even though we are now just over a year out, it still scares
the spit out of me to have to wait for his results.
Kean, of course, wasn't nervous one bit.
In fact, he fell asleep in the car and snoozed through
much of our wait to start the tests.
 It was kind of rude of us to wake him up just in time to 
stick a needle in his arm for blood samples.
But he was a trooper.
If anything, he had a harder time holding still for vitals.
That is, until we gave him a little dog to put the blood pressure
cuff onto.  He liked that.
 The clinic was getting used to a new computer system
so we had an extra amount of waiting.
Kean just decided to look cute while we waited.
 He kind of gets me with that toothless smile.
And all the waiting sure paid off. 
 Kean's counts are getting better and better
with each month.
In fact, drum roll please... we now only
have to go into the hospital for testing
every THREE months.
Christmas came a little early for this mama.


Mark Lewis said...

He is a remarkable young man with a remarkable Mom and Dad, and supportive sisters!

Terra Lorien said...

Yay!!! Wonderful news!!! So very happy for your family:)

mj said...

Oh-mu-gosh! He's getting so big! Miss you! One of these days, a phone call?