Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Here's Looking At Zoo

After an extremely rough day yesterday, 
we had a great day today.
I got to go to the Zoo with Kean and his Kindergarten class.
 He spent a chunk of the time in the stroller but
loved trying to explore and keep up with the other kids.
 Kean was quite the good luck charm-- this sleepy tiger
got up and walked right by us several times before
hunkering down for another nap.
 It was the same with several other animals--
we had perfect timing.
He LOVED the petting zoo...
 it's a good thing those goats, sheep and llamas are all
patient with little boys who like to pull ears.
 From a mama standpoint, it was so great to see him
motoring around- even though, we kept a much slower pace
than the other kids.
 Of course, we had to take a spin on the old carousel.
That boy and his rides.
 You know it was a successful day when
he yawned all the way home.