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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Disney Mania

Hold onto your seats, here's a whirlwind tour of our trek to the "Happiest Place On Earth" 
(which really should be renamed the "Most Expensive Place On Earth"-- or the "Best Marketed Place On Earth"
but that's another post).
We spent two packed days at the park. 
And we were like a snowball picking up friends as we went.
When we were in Arizona, my friend Sherry decided to fly out for the day
and join us on Wednesday.  That's her cute little girl, Charlotte
with the girls.
As far as waiting in lines, we had it pretty easy.
It paid to go in the middle of the week  at the end of February.
Here we are at Space Mountain.

... on Thunder Mountain...
We also hooked up with one of my childhood best friends, April and her husband Chris.
(They were the ones who came to visit us in Idaho just half an hour before the fire that
burned up part of our property and a few of our neighbor's homes forced us to evacuate).
Here's Miss April with Miss Greer-- all smiles.
On a dare from Holland, Chris snarfed down a bag of powdered sugar
(left over from some beignets).
I don't think April approved but the girls thought it was awesome.
I told you our little herd grew as we went.  We were supposed to meet
my old friend Rob Macey (we worked together in Phoenix and L.A.)
on Thursday, but he had a photo shoot come through for Thursday, so came and met us
on Wednesday.
That's his cute son, Robby with the girls on the Nemo ride.
Our girls had so much fun playing musical chairs-- changing up who they would ride with for
each ride.  Chris and April must've felt like rock stars-- with the girls clamoring to get to be with them.
Rock star Chris with Reesey Magoo.
Here's Rob (my old cameraman) and his youngest, Carter.
We didn't wait in the long lines to meet some of the Disney stars...
but we did wait for Ariel.... who asked the girls "did you swim over to see me"?
She was darling.
The Barkettes loved the Pirate's Lair on Tom Sawyer's Island.

And clearly, they loved the hotel pool and jacuzzi where we took an afternoon break on day two.
Then it was back to the park for some night exploring and the parade.
This was in Minnie's house.
 And look who we found outside Mickey's house... the big guy himself.
 The parade was amazing and so was this woman. 
Holland had her silhouette done in a little store on Main street.
She was from Korea and in a few minutes (using surgical scissors) cut out the coolest profile of Holland.
I think I can speak on behalf of all of us (except for my feet) --  it was a blast-- worth every minute.


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What fun pictures!