Reincarnated As A Mother

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Love Survives

About two months ago, I went to North Carolina for
a reunion of sorts--- it has been nearly
20 years since our news helicopter crashed at the TV station
I was working for...
3 of my co-workers (and dear friends) were killed.
One of our four guys survived.
The actual anniversary is on December 7th.
We scheduled our get-together around television ratings and of course,
the craziness of the holidays.
The anniversary will be next Wednesday.
But today, one of the columnists in the
News and Observer published this well-written piece:
One of the blessings to come out of this tragedy
is that I now have a group of exceptional friends
and we will forever be bonded together.


Tracey said...


I lived this story through you and up until recently did not know how tragic it was to lose someone until I lost a friend tragically myself. Sometimes you don't want to accept they are gone but you have to.

I'm sorry for your loss; losing a friend is always difficult no matter how much time has passed.


Diane said...

I had forgotten how good the love feels from this group. That is part of the good in such a sorrowful experience. The article captured so well Tony's point of view. I am sure it is only a tip of what he feels/experiences.