Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Insert Sigh Here.

I'm so glad I was wrong.
After being up all night with Kean coughing like a horse
and a steady fever, I thought for sure we'd get admitted
to the hospital today.
Luckily, by his afternoon appointment, his fever was gone and
his tight cough had lightened up a bit.
I didn't even mind unpacking the bag I had packed.
(Try saying that 10 times fast).
 Kean cracked everyone up by motoring back all on his own
to the Vampire Chamber (the blood draw room).
 My mom, broken foot, bruises and all went with us.
She did not want me going alone.  Love her!
Anyway, the verdict?  Kean has one of those nasty viruses
circulating around.  His counts all looked great except for his
Neutraphils (his ability to fight germs)-- they were crazy low.
Dr. Camilo figures it is because of the virus.  We'll
check them again in a few weeks.
And that was it-- we GOT TO GO HOME!
 Finally, remember the woman in Kentucky who has been paired
with Kean and runs for him since he can't run for himself?
Look at this super cool picture of her nails.
She has a big "Blue Grass" race this weekend.
Love it and love her.
Thanks Clair.