Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Super Stars

We had our final wrap up meeting today to go over Baldapalooza...
the highs, the lows and what we need to fix if we do this again.
Probably the best comment I heard was from "Security Mike"... he's a former
career police officer who now runs security for a huge company based in Boise.
He and his team of 15 former officers volunteered their expertise to be our security for Balda.
Anyway, Mike said he's done countless events-- and while many of them were for
great causes, he has never experienced an event like ours.
The difference he said was everyone who was involved was giving straight from the heart--
and that showed.
I agree Mike, I agree.
A few of our folks had to leave early or couldn't come-- but here's a snap of
some of our main committee members.
All of our volunteers are incredible people!
We're all wearing our "Super Star" sunglasses.

It is looking like we will make somewhere close to 15 grand.
Not huge, but not bad for a first year event and for an evening
shut down by a wicked storm.
That does not include our on-line auction which is still going on.
So take a peak and see if there's something you'd love or something
that someone you love would love.
You know Christmas will be here before you know it.